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What is Kamagra ?

Kamagra is an oral drug or gel, which can solve a man’s erection issue who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction. If a person is having complications in getting erections then he can consume this tablet, or apply the gel to get easy erections and have a better sexual experience.

Kamagra is an unauthorized medication or natural therapy for solving Erectile Dysfunction for a temporary time period. Sometimes called as Viagara gel among the masses, it contains the same active ingredient as that contained in the Niagara and generic sildenafil. It possesses the active ingredient named ‘Sildenafil Citrate’ which boosts up blood flow through the vein, whose penetration into the penis causes the erection to happen.

The word Kamagra comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Kam’ and ‘Agraha’ meaning ‘willingness to have Sex’, as it aids the sexual performance of a man. Kamagra is consumed by a lot of people around the world as an aphrodisiac, but many raises concern on how it adversely affects the body of men and causes long term ailments.

What is ED ?

Since we are discussing about Kamagra, and how it aids a man’s erection temporarily, one must also know about what is Erectile Dysfunction in the first place.

Erectile dysfunction or (ED) is that category of a sexual part inability of men, demonstrated by the incapacity to hold or even form an erection of the penis at the time of having sex. ED can have several psychological effects as it can be associated with sexual dissatisfaction in a man’s nuptial life and also havoc upon a person’s reputation.

ED can happen in a man due to various reasons. The part of the disorder is a person’s penis. A man who suffers from ED lacks the potential to have a sufficient erection at the time of having a sexual experience with his wife or partner.

Many elements could cause a person to develop Erectile Dysfunction. Among the general aberrations, ED can also arise if there is a stoppage which has probably developed at the veins, which could have arisen due to too much consumption of alcohol and smoking of tobacco-based products.

There is also the power of the volume of blood that a person is having. The exact can be said with foods enhanced with glucose and the same thing happens in the case of one consuming an excessive amount of food based on fat.

In cases where ED develops on a person based on these kinds of reasons, the remedy is much easier. What one needs to do is to quit such kind of practices and follow the Fildena Reviews to earn more knowledge on how to deal with such situations.

One can also eat Cenforce tablets, but the drug maker states that its consumption may lead to heart issues which can deteriorate the already terrible nervous disorder that they are encountering. But, in such circumstances, the use of Cenforce drugs is constrained and hence the time consumed for the remedy of Erectile Dysfunction then becomes usually prolonged, coming to be much complicated.

Though in our society, any kind of sexual disorder is considered as something to be ashamed of, one must consider the fact that suffering from ED is not the same as any other sexual disorders. But, to avoid this shame people lookout for natural remedies and temporary solutions, for which aphrodisiac like Kamagra becomes popular.

Why One Needs Kamagra For Sexual Impotence in Men

The issue of having an ED is also occasionally known as impotence. It might happen due to a variety of reasons that could be both physical and mental. And to avoid this incompetency, men look out for short-term solutions like the Kamagra tablets and gel.

The Kamagra tablets and gel can help a person to get over the complication of Erectile Dysfunction, temporarily by boosting your blood flow to the penis cells and fill them with blood. This will help you to achieve proper erections and have sensual, enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner.

How to Use Kamagra ?

Kamagra is used for remedying ED and impotence. It can be an oral medication or a gel-based solution that assists you t get your penis erected. Once a person takes this tablet it blocks off the PDE-5 hormones secreted within the body.

Kamagra is used like one uses Viagra – when the penis of a man can’t get or maintain erections. The pill or jelly is taken jointly with sexual impulses and is implied to increase blood flow to the tissues of the penis. The tablets are consumed orally, and the gel gets dissolved on the tongue literally. It is then followed with a row of events that directs to the increase of blood stimulation into the penis.

Kamagra tablets and gel should only be used under the proper suggestion of the doctor. The medication is very promising for curing ED issues in men but unfortunately, it also has side effects.

Make sure to consult a doctor and take the medicine only in the right proportions as mentioned by your doctor. Remember taking this medicine does not improve your sexual performance or desire. It will help you to have erections only.
The consequences of the drug will last only as long as the Sildenafil, present in it, is active in your body. After this, the erection will fade away automatically.

What are The Right Dosages for Kamagra ?

The standard dose of the Kamagra tablet or gel for men’s impotence problem is the 50 mg. However one can consume more than 50mg according to their need, but it should not cross the 100mg. This medicine comprises 30mg of the main component and that is Sildenafil. One should not consume the tablet more than once in 24 hours. The medicine is also available in other doses.

One should let his doctor decides the best dose for that person to have. While discussing about doses, it should be considered that the precise dose for a person depends on a lot of factors like age, general health, the existence of diseases, medications being taken to cure those diseases, medical record, etc.

What happens if one consumed too much Kamagra ?

Consumption of anything if taken at high concentrations can affect one’s health. If one intakes too much Sildenafil then it will rapidly have side effects in that person’s body. The impression of eating in extra sildenafil in the form of Kamagra, in the form of an increased dose for a sustainable erection is not encouraged at all. Remember that it is always reasonable to stay careful rather than taking in lots of Kamagra and then suffering in pain from the adverse side effects of it.

The impacts in the body might differ from one person to the other. The adverse effects of the drug could also vary. If a person has overdosed his typical amount of Kamagra then he should be informing the doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications.

What Precautions Are Required Before Kamagra ?

The most significant thing is to take the drug at proper intervals of time and in the right quantities as proposed by the doctor. It should also be mentioned that before anyone starts to take in doses of Kamagra, he should inform the doctor of your current health situation, such as the presence of illnesses and infections suffered in the past as well.
People who have disorders related to heart, kidney, liver, nerve problems, and very low blood pressure should normally avert this medication.

What are the possible side effects of Kamagra ?

Though the Kamagra drug stands out in what it promises, it does come with many prices that its users have to pay. The side effects of Kamagra drugs are as follows.

Nausea – This one of the primary side effect that people who use Kamagra face. However, consuming it at proper intervals of time can help to stop this.

Headache – This problem is faced by more than 40% of the users of the drug. However, it does not last long and the longevity of it depends on person to person.

Dizziness – Impacts of overdosage of Kamagra also causes dizziness and lightheadedness. It is not much adverse, but still a notable side effect of using the drug. However, patients with ED who consumes the gel version of Kamagra do not face the problem much in comparison to those who take in the pills.

Vomiting – And the list of side effects keep on piling up. Consumption of Kamagra can lead to stomach ache, vomiting, and gastric problems.

Chest pains – Consumption of Kamagra can cause irregular heartbeats. This is turn causes pain in and near the cardiovascular regions, which in rare cases can lead to strokes or cardiac arrest. This is probably the most harmful effect of using Kamagra as an aphrodisiac.

Blurred eye vision – It also impacts the eyesight. Though it’s rare, it does impact the eyes in the long run.
Troubled hearing- The last significant side effect of taking Kamagra is the problem of hearing. In some cases, users have found they have started to lose their hearing abilities with prolonged usage and overdose.

Where to buy Kamagra ?

You can buy the Kamagra drugs and lotions online, right available at websites that deal with aiding. For buying it from online platforms, in India, do trust only on the most popular and well-known websites. Here one can buy the drugs or gel without having to worry about their integrity and composition. You can also get the drugs from your local medicine stores and.

But why purchasing it via online websites is much nicer than the local drug outlets in your area are that you will get impressive deductions on prices on all your bargains online.

Is It Legal to consume Kamagra ?

Consumption and selling of Kamagra are absolutely legal in India. But it is banned in many Western European nations, like the United Kingdom. How one does not need to worry about buying and consuming it here in India.

How Does Kamagra Work ?

When you take in a tablet or apply some gel of Kamagra in your tongue, the Sildenafil present in the drug will first obstruct the PDE-5 hormones. This assists in the secretion of another hormone known as guanosine monophosphate. Its cyclical monomer enables inactivating nitric oxide that works as a base dilator. This reaction relaxes the blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood stimulation, allowing it to reach the penis properly, enabling the erection of it.

How to take Kamagra pills ?

If you are interested to take the Kamagra pills, they should not cross the 100mg dosage mark. After taking the pill, simply use some water to swallow it. One should keep in mind to not break or crush the pill. Consumption of alcohol or grapefruit juice for the intake of the tablet is strictly prohibited. It is best to have the pill at least half an hour before having sexual intercourse. The effects of Kamagra generally fade away by 6 to 8 hours. However, it is highly recommended to not consume it again within a span of 24 hours.

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  • Kamagra Effervescent
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  • Kamagra chewable
  • Kamagra Gold

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Storage conditions required to store Kamagra

Like any regular drug, Kamagra tablets and gel needs to be kept in a dry and cool place. The most suitable place to keep the drug is in a room under normal room temperature. One needs to make sure that he keeps it out of the reach of children. Also one is needed to make sure that it does not attain direct sunlight as the heat can affect the drug’s composition.

Overall Review of consuming Kamagra

Drugmakers who makes product based on Kamagra has received mixed to good reviews from the people. If anyone counts the benefits that this drug offers, then this is a medication that is way reasonable than some of the other pills of popular ED brands accessible in the market. The medicine has potential good effects if consumed properly. It is only on some rare occasions that people using Kamagra has experienced some of the challenging side effects.

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